Popular resistance in the city of Amol (Reviewing the events of 6th of Bahman 1360)

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" after achieving victory the Islamic republic gave all individuals and groups the chance to act freely however they wanted and publish whatever newspaper they wanted but you saw how they acted .
They took up guns against the life of people and officially made an uprising against Islam. Today they make propaganda that only six or ten percent of people support the Islamic republic. All their hope and wishes was shomal(north) and they believed the north of the country are 100 percent opposed to the Islamic republic. From the other side they gathered all their forces and, in tge hope that people are with them, savagly attacked Amol, concluding Amol can be conquered and from there other cities could be conquered. People fought them back so hard that they could nit resist more than a few hours, the opposition of people is important and we should thank the city if Amol and its sacrificing people"

What does"1000 trenches " mean?
These trenches are hearts, they are not one thousand, they are thousands, equal to the number of every decent human, there exist a trench against the aggression of the enemy .

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