Political notes of Iran. Ninth edition. 1260 – 1433, 1309 -1313

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The present book is a translation of the ninth edition of the collection of fourteen volumes of “political notes of Iran” which include the documents and communications between the British embassy in Tehran and its foreign ministry between the years 1931 to 1934(1310 to 1313. H.SH). In this four year time period, Iran was interested in expanding relations with the neighboring countries, therefore the diplomatic relations between Iran and Afghanistan, Iraq and Turkey expanded. Along this line, Reza Shah went to Turkey and became familiar with the trappings of western modernism in that country. Ata Turk and secular and western thinking influenced him and this in turn greatly impacted the policies of Pahlavi regime. But the issue that has allocated most of the volume of the documents and communications, is the relations of Iran with Iranian oil company and the heightened disputes between them. These disputes continued to the point that the previous contract was nullified and a new contract was singed between Iran and England. Taymour Tash’s decline of power also happened in this period. 

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