The Chronology of Holy Defense (battle under hard conditions)

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          After  execution of unsuccessful operation of Ramadhan, with understanding of the new conditions, there were some fundamental changes in the views of the military commanders of the army and the corps, and these changes were influential in the functions of the military forces. Taking into consideration that Iraqi army had largely concentrated its forces in Basra and its east, this thinking came to existence that by performing a series of operations in other regions and dragging the enemy away from Basra and into other regions, the ground for execution of some important operation in Southern region will be provided.

Based on this same perspective, the intended regions for preparatory Val Fajr, in order to gain access to the depth of the enemy land and cutting off the connecting lines of Basra, were chosen, and regardless of some differences of opinion that existed, ultimately the operational scheme number 1 of Karbala 11 was chosen for implementation of this operation.  

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