August 16, 1953

Mohammadreza Shah’s first escape some days before the American coup of 19 August 1953





The grounds of the coup that had been prepared within months had alarmed the Shah and he decided to be abroad at the time of implementation of the coup against Dr. Mosaddeq. At the very same times the earlier Anglo-US agreement on overthrow of Mosaddeq was implemented. On August 13, the Shah issued a decree to dismiss Prime Minister Mosaddeq and replace him with Major-general Zahedi and then left for Ramsar. The Imperial Guard informed Mosaddeq of the decree at 2 AM, and he was arrested upon leaving his domicile. Radio Tehran called it a coup. In the meantime, the Shah and his wife left Iran for Italy through Iraq. During 16-18 August great gatherings were held all over Iran calling for abolition of monarchy system. All things were in favor of Mosaddeq, but upon the turn of the day, on August 19, his luck turned bad and the coup occurred. Upon receiving the news of Mosaddeq’s fall, the Shah returned to Iran on August 22.

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