May 22, 1963

Initiating the Delegations of Islamic Coalitions under surveillance of Imam Khomeini


After passage of State and Provincial Associations Bill in 1962, two religious associations of shopkeepers and traders of Tehran Bazaar which had accompanied Imam Khomeini since the early days of his Islamic movement decided to coalite. They informed Imam Khomeini of their coalition in a public meeting with him that was welcomed. The coalition, later known as “Islamic Coalition Party” or “Unified Islamic Associations”, was composed of religious associations of Amin al-Dowleh and Sheikh Ali mosques and also religious association of Isfahanis in Tehran Bazaar. The coalition’s statute was formulated, in a period, by Martyr Beheshti. Coalition’s accompaniment with Qom Seminary, religious activists, and congregation Imams mobilized the huge force of Muslim nation of Iran behind Imam Khomeini and other clerics. The associations’ most prominent action was revolutionary execution of Hassan-Ali Mansour, the then Pahlavi Prime Minister as the contributor to passage of disgraceful Capitulation and Imam Khomeini’s exile to Turkey. Most of coalition members joined Islamic Republic Party after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, but the association has retained its identity till now.

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