November 26, 1978

The martyrdom of Doctor Nejatollahi by the agents of Pahlavi Regime


With escalation of Islamic movement of Iranian people against Pahlavi Regime, a group of nearly 70 university professors and lecturers gathered and took sanctuary at Central Building of Ministry of Science on 23 December 1978 in protest to violent behavior of the regime mercenaries in suppression of truth-seeking struggles of Iranian Muslim and combatant people and also closure of universities by the regime. The sanctuary irritated the regime since it had provoked sympathy of other layers of the society. Subsequently, the regime mercenaries attacked the professors to break their sanctuary which resulted in martyrdom of Professor Kamran Nejatollahi, from Tehran Polytechnic University, while he was only 27. The following day, 27 December, tens of thousand people led by Ayatollah Mahmoud Taleghani performed his funeral ceremony. The ceremony marked a bloody event in the history of Iranian Islamic Revolution in which more than 250 people were martyred at Enghelab (Revolution) Square due to the regime’s savage attack. Eventually, the holy body of Martyr Nejatollahi was buried at Behesht Zahra cemetery

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