February 04, 1979

Happenings of 4 February 1979






** In a speech, Imam Khomeini called on the youth to continue demonstrations and strikes.

** Following the session of Council on Islamic Revolution in which Engineer Bazargan was proposed as the Prime Minister of the Interim Government, the council convened to hear his answer. Bazargan says in this regard: At first, after expressing my gratitude for goodwill of the members I said, ‘If you propose me for Prime Ministership, it’ll be based on your familiarity with my thought, comportment and background… You all know that I believe in democracy and consultation, and avoid aggression and hastiness and I’m fond of study and gradual science. Now, if you accept me with this background and condition propose.’ I perceive no positive or negative reaction in the session. Silence, acceptance and repeated insistence of the clergy members of the council and Imam in the face of my conditions and ultimatum amazed me and I did not expect.

** Shapour Bakhtiar said, “Doors of negotiation with Ayatollah Khomeini are still open… The Islamic Republic is unknown for me.” He added, “I compromise neither with the Shah nor (Ayatollah) Khomeini and do not allow him to establish an Interim Government.

** Eden Radio: A host of officers of Hamadan Air Base were comprehended and jailed in the base.

** American and British Foreign Secretaries discussed the circumstances of Iran during David Owen’s visit to the US. Baghdad also dispatched a delegation to Saudi Arabia to discuss the circumstances of Iran and the region.

** The US special envoy to Iran General Huyser left Iran for the US with termination of his mission. The spokesman of US Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, “Huyser tried to persuade Iranian militaries to support Bakhtiar. He left Iran because his presence would provoke anti-American sentiments of people in Iran.”

** According to a report of the US government, Iran cancelled a 10-billion dollar contract with the US on purchase of arms due to its financial deficiencies as a result of non-sale of its oil. Remarkably, since the Iranian monarchy was in danger, the US governors did not see it to their interests to sale these weapons inclusive of several AWACS aircrafts. So, a mission of General Huyser was to terminate the contract in a way on which the US did not suffer harm.

** The families of arrested airmen and non-commissioned officers congregated in front of Department of Justice calling for their release.

** Airmen in Bebahan conducted a rally as a token of their support for Imam Khomeini.

** A statement addressed to MPs, Cabinet and commanders of the Army was issued by Ayatollah Golpaigani.

** Ayatollah Seyyed Mohammad Baqir Sadr sent a letter from Iraq to Imam Khomeini supporting the struggle of Iranian people.

** A telegram was sent to Imam Khomeini on behalf of Ayatollah Marashi Najafi on the occasion of his (Imam) return.

** Agence France-Presse: Ayatollah Shariatmadari announced that trifle differences between the Grand Ayatollahs would be settled with negotiation.

** Bakhtiar administration restricted people’s access to their deposits.

** A Japanese news agency reported: An envoy of Imam Khomeini has visited Brezhnev and negotiated with him in Bulgaria. Note: Brezhnev was in Bulgaria from January 13 to 17.

** The mayor of Tehran abdicated at the presence of Imam Khomeini. Then, Imam reappointed him as the mayor. Javad Sharestani was barred from foreign travel by Bakhtiar administration.

** A group of resigned members of Majlis visited Imam Khomeini.

** Radio London: No report on strife between people and militaries has been reported from demonstration of people in Tehran in the last night.

** Two former ministers named Abdulmajid Majidi and Hoshang Nahavandi were arrested by military governor.

** After 25-years of exile in the US, Khosro Qashqaie, a leader of Qashqaees, returned to Iran.

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