February 07, 1979

Happenings of 7 February 1979


** In a visit with clergies of Ahwaz Imam called continuation of the movement a duty.


** In a visit with lawyers Imam emphasized on the Shah’s being tried.


** With termination of General Huyser’s mission in Iran, the US President, Secretary of State and Minister of Defense convened a session with the presence of him.


** The US Spokesman of Secretary of State said, “We support enforcement of the Constitution. We have been in contact through diplomacy with all groups inclusive of Mehdi Bazargan, but subsequent to his being appointed Prime Minister we have been out of contact.


** The US Secretary of State declared that his respective government still recognized Bakhtiar administration. On the other hand, the White House spokesman said that Bakhtiar must accept opinion of the majority of people.


** Subsequent to Engineer Bazargan’s Prime Ministership being publicized, a meeting was held among Yadollah Sahabi, Abbas Amir-Entezam, Bakhtiar and Qarahbaqi, the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff.

During this meeting Sahabi and Amir-Entezam attempted to persuade Bakhtiar to resign. On the other hand, to show his fake power, Bakhtiar asked Qarebaghi and Moqadam to express their supports for Bakhtiar once again at the presence of them.


** Dr. Sanjabi announced that negotiation and interlocution between Bakhtiar and Bazargan was ongoing to achieve peaceful settlement. Radio London declared: Negotiation between Ayatollah Khomeini’s movement and the Army has begun.


** Different groups and layers of people inclusive of academics expressed their support for Bazargan Interim Government.


** People and clerics of Zanjan and its suburb conducted an unprecedented 50,000-people rally to express their overwhelming support for Imam Khomeini and his appointed government. At the end, Hojatoleslam Aboulfazl Shakouri, on behalf of people and clerics, recited a 30-article resolution on: 1) dissolution of monarchical regime, 2) dissolution of the two Majlis and Bakhtiar cabinet, and 3) legitimacy of Bazargan government.


** Associated Press: Western diplomats close to the Army believe that the Generals have come to conclusion that they are not strong enough to conduct a coup.


** Radio London and Radio Moscow: Hundreds of former officers inclusive of some army commanders whom had been expelled due to their opposition with the Shah declared their support for Imam Khomeini.


** Thanks to people’s disrespect for curfew, the Military Governor of Tehran decreased the time for it.


** 13 other MPs resigned.


** A group of regime advocates gathered in a saloon of Amjadieh Stadium in support for the Constitution.


** Sadat, the President of Egypt, phoned the Shah in Morocco.


 ** Colonel Shakouri, Chief of Adjutancy of Division 64 of Rezaeieh, was gunned down in his way to the garrison.


** The main international airlines suspended their flights to Iran due to insecurity of Iranian airspace.


** The UN General Assembly expressed his concern on Iran’s circumstance.


** A US national who had injured a driver in Isfahan was tried by a Sharia court established by people and was released after paying wergild. Notably, according to Capitulation Iranian court were not eligible to try American nationals. Establishment of this court points to increasing empowerment of Muslim people.

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