August 11, 1980

Rajaii’s election as the prime minister of Islamic Republic of Iran




After deposal of Bani Sadr and his escape from the country, Iranian people got ready for election of a new President. Overall 71 individuals applied for the election among which Abbas Sheibani, Ali Akbar Parvaresh, Habibullah Asgar-Oladi and Mohammad Ali Rajai were approved by Guardian Council. Hence, the Interior Ministry of Iran released a declaration to allow the candidates to begin their election advertisements. Rajai himself did not believe in conventional methods of advertisement within the society and so did not implement so. He said, “I believe that the advertisements done for the candidates are of capitalist origin,” and he longed a day that election advertisement became popular as well. With start of legal time for election advertisements parties, populations, groups and generally all forces of Imam’s Line cohesively employed their capabilities to support Rajai. The scope of supports became soon such widespread that it was easy to anticipate Rajai’s being elected President with a high majority in the first round. Among sponsors of Rajai we can enumerate Islamic Republic Party, Qom Seminary Teachers Association, Combatant Clergy Association, Mujahedin of the Islamic Revolution Organization, Islamic Society of Scholars, House of Labor, Fajr-e-Islam Organization, The Office for Strengthening Unity, Union of Islamic Society of Students, Muslim Women Movement and dozens of other revolutionary institutions and organizations. The second term of Presidential elections was held on July 23, 1981, and after counting the votes it was known that Rajai had won the absolute majority of votes, namely 13001761 out of total 14763362 votes. The Guardian Council confirmed the validity of the election on July 31, and announced that election of Rajai as the President was approved by the council. The very same day the Interior Ministry informed Imam Khomeini of the confirmation of the council. The following day, concurrent with Eid Ul Fitr, Imam Khomeini formally endorsed Rajai as President in Jamaran Huseinieh. Having received the Presidential decree from Imam Khomeini, Rajai delivered a speech to declare his readiness to employ all his powers to realize Islamic and revolutionary demands and wills of Iranian people in response to their trust in him. He also revealed his decision to appoint the Prime Minister from the most trusted and experienced revolutionary individuals. The next day and after Oath of Office before the Majlis he formally was charged with presidency of Iran. Martyr Rajai remained in power only for 4 weeks and was martyred by People’s Mujahedin on the following August 30.

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