May 24, 1982

Epochal manumission of Khoramshahr


“Khoramshahr was liberated by God” (Imam Khomeini (RA))

May 24, 1982, is one of the most striking illustrations of divine victory and an epochal day in the history of the Iranian Islamic Revolution, wherein resistant Khoramshahr, occupied by Baathist forces on 25 October 1980 after 35 days of resistance, was released by the warriors of Islam after nearly 19 months of occupation and the flag of Islam was raised on the Jame Mosque and destroyed bridge of the city. The news of liberation of Khoramshahr was quickly spread all over the country, filling people with joy and making them to attend in mosques to perform the prayer of thanks and chant Allahu Akbar. The 4-stage Operation Bait al-Moqaddas was launched on April 29 and eventually resulted in liberation of Khoramshahr, imposing extensive damages on Iraqi forces. This triumph opened a new phase in the war (referred to in Iran as the Sacred Defense) as it bestowed on Iran a position of power for the first time since the wage of war. Moreover, it greatly alarmed the US and other Great powers which were in fear of probable victory of Iran and so caused them to provide Saddam with more equipments and aids.


Results: Liberation of nearly 5400 square meters of Iranian territory inclusive of Khoramshahr; 19,000 captives and 16,000 dead from Iraqi side; destruction of 60 aircrafts, 3 helicopters, 418 tanks and personnel carriers, 30 cannons and 49 vehicles

Spoils obtained: 1 helicopter, 105 tanks and personnel carriers, 56 vehicles

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