May 23, 1983

The martyrdom of Mohammad Broujerdi, the commander of Hamzeh Seyedlshohada Camp


Martyr Muhammad Boroujerdi was born in 1954 in one of the villages around Boroujerd. He accompanied his family to inhabit in Tehran when he was 7 and in 1977 created a group named Saf, monotheistic group, to hit the Pahlavi Regime. In the same year, he departed for Najaf and was commissioned by Imam Khomeini to inform people of the Shah’s crimes. Upon Imam Khomeini’s return to Iran, Saf group commanded by Muhammad Boroujerdi take the responsibility of guarding Imam’s life. Then, he became responsible for Evin Prison after Imam’s departure to Qom. He played a prominent role in foundation of the Islamic Revolution Guardian Corps and was one of its early commanders. He left for Kurdistan in 1979 to settle the counterrevolutionary unrests and could reintegrate the region with his 4-year endeavors so far as he was known as the Christ of Kurdistan. As the commander of the Guardian Corps in the Western Iran, Martyr Boroujerdi founded Hamzeh Seyedolshohada headquarters in 1982 to direct military operations from there. The zealous devoted Muhammad Boroujerdi was eventually martyred by a land mine near Naqadeh when he was only 29 and his body was buried, after a glorious funeral procession, in Behesht Zahra.

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