In the book “Axis of Evil, an Account of Domination in the Post-September 11 World” published by the Islamic Revolution Documents Center parts related to the support of the United States behind Israel’s nuclear armament read:

“Daniel Ellsberg, advisor to the US secretary of defense, in an interview with media in June 2005 at the UN headquarters said: Israel has had vast nuclear activity after the US and Russia, even surpassing those of France and the UK. He then added: 20 years ago Israel had 400 nuclear weapons, known to and ratified by US officials. Right now also, the US president is aware of the nuclear activities of Israel and endorses them.”


 “Merdkhai Vanono, a former nuclear instalments expert of Israel who blew the whistle about Negev Nuclear Research Center and was put to trial for it in 1986 and spent 18 years in jail, after released from Israeli prisons in a message to the world demanded that: instead of futile search for finding nuclear bomb in Iran’s nuclear facilities, the nuclear premises of Israel be inspected.”


He revealed that the West, in particular the US, had helped Israel build nuclear bombs (200 warheads). Elsewhere, he said: Western countries including the US curse Iran for wanting Israel wiped out. They have to curse themselves, because it was them who equipped Israel with the technology to build nuclear bombs.”


In the course of recent years, Israeli officials have strenuously pursued the military empowerment of their country. They are busy using the latest technology in the military industry to build all sorts of chemical and nuclear weapons, thanks to military aid from the US and some European countries such as the US, as well as grants given to them by the White House. Israeli leaders have been considering the use of nuclear weapons more than others would think. It is said that the first Israeli president Wiseman sold intelligence related to nuclear physics which he and his colleague scientists had discovered to receive the promise of building Israel, and following that to receive the Balfour Declaration from the US government.


Israeli prime minister Ben Guerin believed military empowerment should be adopted as the highest thing on agenda to secure the existence of Israel. Israel started its clandestine activities in the nuclear field and building nuclear weapons in 1967 by building the Negev Nuclear Research Center. Nonetheless, Israel was considered as a nuclear power in the Middle East as early as 1970. Israel had reached that state through uncompromising help from the US, UK, and France. In recent years the nuclear activities of Israel have found fresh momentum, so much so that according to some reports, Israeli power plants have spent over 1400 tons of uranium in the past 30 years. Also 200 nuclear bombs have been produced. Nonetheless, plutonium warheads have been developed for 200 bombs. Western media have now and then published reports about the potential dangers of the nuclear power of Israel, which indicate that Israel owns one of the most prominent, and at the same time most dangerous, nuclear centers of the world.


In the meantime, the US, Israel and some other nuclear-weapon-owning countries continue, contrary to internationally accepted rules, to conduct nuclear tests, produce nuclear weapons, and improve upon their arsenal. The US also violated international norms in October 2005 to object to a UN Security Council resolution on overseeing the nuclear facilities of Israel, a resolution that was signed by 49 countries.


The level of US commitment to international rules and its potential aftermaths are a fact of which parts is mentioned in one of the most recent articles by Robert McNamara, former US defense secretary, in the June 2005 issue of Foreign Policy magazine. He says: I think time has come for the US to cease to rely of nuclear weapons as a foreign policy tool as it used to be during the Cold War. Although there is the risk of being called slack and provocative, I consider the US policy of nuclear weapons unethical, illegal, militarily unnecessary, and fatally dangerous.


The danger of an accidental or unintentional use of nuclear weapons is high. In a trend far away from reducing this threat, the Bush administration showed it considered itself bound to preserving the US nuclear arsenal as a cornerstone to the country’s military power. This is a commitment which undermines international norms, norms which have prevented nuclear proliferation in the world over the past 50 years. Today, the US has positioned some 4500 strategic attack nuclear warheads toward various targets. Of 8000 operational warheads in the US, over 2000 are on the extraordinary standby for launch position. The announcement of war with another country would require permission from the Congress. But launching a nuclear bomb needs only 20 minutes for the president to decide.


CNN founder Ted Turner called for the arrest of Bush after situations grew more dire in Iraq when the US invaded the country. In his speech in the Kansas City University, Turner said, the US and Russia still have thousands of nuclear bombs targeted at each other. The chance to launch these weapons is as tiny as hair. Every moment there is the fear that someone like US president Bush makes the mistake and pulls the trigger.


The nuclear threat that was brought up with the topic of preventing nuclear attacks by US neoconservatives has once more worried the world. This issue entailed building and testing a new generation of smart nuclear bombs by the US. This also raised the possibility of the existence of nuclear warheads in Israeli nuclear power plants. Some prominent world figures have already given the world warning about the threat. The last of these is a serious warning by 1000 world renown physicists that warns against the nuclear warheads that are in the possession of governments.